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ButtonsFun Fact: When I run out of things to say, I do a little dance.

Much like a Kinder Egg, attempts to swallow Lindsay Smith whole may lead to choking.

Oh hello there.

My name is Lindsay, and I am terrible at writing about myself.

I was raised in a Sonoma County hippie commune where I learned to sing and draw and make weird hats out of eggshells and glue. My favorite activities were reading Far Side comics, and running around the yard pretending to be a dragon.

In high school I became queen of the band nerds, and led the French club in a salty battle against the 4th year Spanish class. Shorly thereafter I traveled southward to attend UC Riverside, known for its comprehensive insect science and creative writing programs (I took one class in the former, and several dozen in the latter.) While there, the campus newspaper allowed me onto their staff as graphics manager and social justice advisor. My job was to create article graphics, organize the comics page, and make sure no images of naked people made it to print (one did, but I put it there myself.)

Since graduating in 2008, I have worked as a graphic designer and copy writer for a small chain of pet supply stores in southern California.


Here is my resume, which might actually tell you what I've done with my life.

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