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I'm all over the place. Really, it's a miracle this site ever got made.

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These people are important and inspiring to me (and also have a web presence I can link to):

Kyle Carrozza - My favorite person, amazing artist and musician. He has taught me a great deal about art, and was also nice enough to ink my site images for me.

Samantha Krause - This sweet lady taught me all I know about graphic design. She's also a wizard at making small, cuddly things out of felt and scraps of fabric.

Renie Rivas - This woman is going to be famous someday. She can often be found singing about chickens, interviewing cats, and just generally making me laugh.

Aron Shay - Aron is a ball of bubbling energy, ready to shoot out beautiful illustrations and Back to the Future trivia at any given moment. She helped me troubleshoot my website.



More to come in the future, I'm sure.
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